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I’m pretty sure the 80’s are now my favorite decade and I just want to watch music videos for the rest of my life

to be a teen

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I now understand the term working for the weekend

for me to finish later…

Lighting lanterns in celebration of Neal’s late aunt Julie. She died tragically to young of a heart attack a few months ago. It was such a blessing to be with friends and family❤️she would be 41 today #blessed

Romano Gabriel garden was open last night. So beautiful when not covered by horrid windows #artgrowshere

Babies gone crazy!! He’s eating our weeds #heisamonster #beardielove

I Need Hair This BIG!!

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the only advice you need in life

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Last night while watching hairspray in preparation for my dance I decided I want my hair big…REAL BIG! and half way through the process found out that my hair is still too short to do what I want. After hanging my head in sorrow I vowed to grow my hair out long enough to accomplish my dreams…this will be a challenge

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great picture!

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Dance of the century! Awesome school dance and I looked good! Hairspray inspired 60’s look #hsufamily #hsu100